Adopt a Planter

In April 2021, we invited members of the community to apply to use one of the new planters laid out around the harbour and on the seafront as part of a project to create a Safe Promenade for people. All 22 of those were snapped up by keen adopters who now consistently put on a lovely colourful display throughout the year. In summer 2022, we extended the Safe Prom initiative across the harbour,  building 15 new planters which were all adopted. 

Over the winter, our community of adopters let us know which plants they would recommend to other seafront gardeners: 

Most successful:

Least successful:

In spring 2023 we have added another 4 planters so if you are interested in adopting one of these please click on the form on this page to complete your application and a member of FHSA will get in touch to make arrangements. After the current vacancies are adopted any new applicants will go on the waiting list for a planter in a future year.

If you can help to build / maintain planters or have feedback on the Fisherrow Safe Prom, please email


FHSA Trustees