Campers at Fisherrow

Overnight Stays at Fisherrow

Please do not plan to stay overnight at the moment. Without an Aire scheme, there really is no facility to accommodate campers or motorhomes at Fisherrow.

The law can be debated, but uncontrolled wild camping in an urban area is no good. Without a way to manage the number of visitors, the area has at times become a mass car park, destroying the very thing that people value. Visitors see an image at the top of the page. The reality is often a line of campers dominating the area as seen at the bottom.

Please be considerate and do not plan to stay overnight in a vehicle at Fisherrow at the moment.

Please also be aware that FHSA have introduced Safe Promenade, a segregation of pedestrians from traffic. Areas that were previously open and often used for overnight stops are no longer available for parking on, either on the Promenade or at the Harbour. Only car size spaces are available, intended for short stay daytime parking.

Trustees of FHSA are still discussing the merits of an Aire scheme. Constructive comments are welcome by email to

The Back Story

In Summer 2020, FHSA took a step to address ongoing conflict between locals and visiting motorhomes by running a trial Aire scheme, to set some guidelines and cater for a small number of visitors who wished to stay overnight in a motorhome or campervan, enabling the area to be enjoyed by locals and a moderate number of visitors who are willing to make a small contribution towards the use of existing facilities and the provision of improvements. We felt that campers should be treated like visiting boats, i.e. pay £15 per night to enjoy a stay at the Harbour with proceeds going to the FHSA as a non-profit organisation for direct reinvestment to the area. While this was showing signs of success, we were asked by East Lothian Council to suspend this trial due to policy regarding use of common good land. Visitors who donated during the trial contributed £170 after PayPal transaction fees and this money is ring-fenced.

FHSA Trustees
14 Apr 2020