The management agreement between East Lothian Council (ELC) & Fisherrow Harbour & Seafront Association (FHSA) in plain English

East Lothian Council is responsible for Fisherrow’s harbour and seafront (shown in pink, blue and cross-hatched below). In November 2019 they established a management agreement which set out terms allowing FHSA to look after and develop this area with ELC’s support and partnership.

ELC responsibilities which are now undertaken on their behalf by FHSA:

  • set & collect harbour dues (mooring/dinghy parking)

  • collect other income raised from the harbour/seafront

  • apply all income to running & development of harbour/seafront (accounts submitted to ELC for approval)

  • undertake harbour duties:

    • allocate mooring/dinghy parking

    • implement rules/regulations of the harbour

    • support & give reasonable direction to harbourmaster (employed by ELC) and with him:

      • implement waste management plans

      • identify future maintenance/repair issues

      • approve work & assist ELC in carrying out repairs

ELC remains responsible for health & safety matters, for coastal protection & for all insurance (harbour, employers’ liability).

After an initial 12-month review, the management agreement is now subject to mutual review/renewal every four years. Disputes between ELC & FHSA will be referred to an arbiter, and either party may terminate the agreement with three months notice.

The full text of the agreement

Fisherrow Harbour and Waterfront Association Management Agreement final version (1).doc

The area covered by the agreement

The following map shows the areas of land where the Agreement applies.